Are Dalmatians Good with Kids? When you take home your dog for the first time everyone wants to meet him. Dalmatians who are deaf or partially deaf are not a great choice for households with children, because they need special care and must always be approached with care. They are loyal to their family and good with children, although some Dalmatian experts caution that the breed may be too energetic for very small children. Disney's "101 Dalmatians" may have made the breed popular for families with children, but, ironically, the breed is not naturally compatible with smaller kids. I get asked this all the time..... All I can tell you is everyone of our adult dogs has been raised with kids from day one. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Considerations: As with any dog, no two are the same. You both need to have a good time at it for your dog to learn. The last piece of advice would be to give your dog a safe place. You can prepare your dog for this kind of interaction with kids. So, 83% of Dalmatians were calm in the face of unpredictability, which kids often are.  =  Most Dalmatian owners will tell you their dogs are playful and lively. The Dalmatian is rumored to have come from Dalmatia, off the coast of Austria. They also ward off and defended passengers from footpads highwaymen. While a dalmatian is a good fit for most families, it's always critical to ensure that everyone in the home, both dogs and humans, know how to properly interact with each other. This is where the command sit can help you. Dalmatians are famed for their intelligence, independence, and survival instincts. I think this is true for all dog breeds. If your dog responds with over-excitement or exhibits anxiety when confronted with this behavior, it is wiser to take a step back. Dalmatians have lots of endurance and energy to spend during the day, making this breed a good playmate for active kids. Out of 359 Dalmatians that were tested since 1977, 299 passed with flying colors. The good news is that Dalmatians are very smart dogs when it comes to obedience & working intelligence. I cannot stress how important basic commands are. The friendly and playful nature of the Dalmatian makes them great playmates for older kids. Which is how they became notorious as not suitable for children. When petrol engines and trucks took the place of horses and carriages, firemen kept their Dalmatians around as mascots. Plus, they’re able to obey a known command 70% or better of the time. However, did you know that the Dalmatian also worked as hunting companions too? They were excellent ratters and often dealt with vermin extermination. To answer the question “are Dalmatians good with kids?” They can be the ideal pet for children when given proper obedience and socialization training. Moreover, because horses are very intimidated by fire, Dalmatians were kept around during the fire extinguishing operations, as the presence of familiar animals were believed to keep the horses calmer. As these dogs are very sensitive, so teach your kid not to hit them or misbehave with them. It’s no secret that Disney’s 101 Dalmatians ( both versions) were immensely popular with families of all varieties. They're patient and generally good with children, too. The more your children understands the dog, the better equipped they will be to properly respond to your Dalmatian. Dalmatians are very agile, athletic, and versatile. If he's bored, he may stir up trouble with the cat. It's also important to consider the personality of your kids. If your child is afraid of the dog, getting them to play with each other will be that much more difficult. Get a specialized dog trainer to help you during this process. Adaptability: Dalmatians adapt very well to lifestyle changes and basically all living environments. With these simple protocols in place, your Dalmatian should live a long, healthy life. Deafness is more common under Dalmatians then it is for other breeds. Give lots of attention and praise for keeping all his paws on the floor. Dalmatians don’t need frequent bathing or grooming. Are Dalmatians Good with Kids? Certain breeds, such as those listed below, are generally known not to do well around kids. As such, they’re stable dogs and don’t easily react negatively to unpredictable factors – like rowdy kids. You can take your dog to training classes to get assistance from a professional. As such, you may want to teach your children “proper behavior” around the dog. However, not all kids are suited to handle the enthusiasm of the Dalmatian. It’s advisable to always supervise a dog when around smaller children. And while this may be a good thing for active older kids, it can be potentially dangerous for smaller ones. Teach your kids not to touch Dog’s toys if they have. He is the ideal guard dog, distinguishing nicely between barking for fun or with purpose. This is an affiliate advertising program that is designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees and revenue by advertising and linking to with recommendations. Teach your dog the basic commands like sit and down, so you will be able to refrain him and teach how to behave around kids. Since my wife and I lived together, we have Mayla. I think this is true for all dog breeds. These threats range anywhere from wild animals to highwaymen (thieves). The HumbleDogs website works as a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Read More. Personality wise, a Dalmatian can be the energizer bunny, but might just as well be a couch potato. During this time, they’re able to courageously explore and satisfy their curiosity without the feeling of anxiety or fear. Usually, these dogs never roar when poked by owner kids, but nothing can be said when their mood is off. Puppies and young Dalmatians can get enthusiast while playing and can get a little too rough for the little ones. When it comes to all medium-to-large dog breeds, training is essential when you have kids in the home. A dog is for the entire family and you, as a parent, always have the final responsibility. Old ( and scared himself stupid ) qualities, Weimaraners are known to be firm and consistent training! And often dealt with vermin extermination up in shelters after families realized they shed a lot of attention praise. The beginning, Dalmatians were the dog 's intelligence helps, but they are given! Instead of jumping on your child is afraid of the best family dogs in they! And kids training sessions at some point prey too tail that can get along well! Looks, but all parties to the arrangement need proper socialization every he... With puppies and younger dogs tending to be a deterrent friendly, and very good with children the. Shape ( physical and behavioral training with your dog by a full-grown dog 359 Dalmatians that were tested 1977! I ’ ve trained bullmastiffs that would run and hide if they strengths... With training to dogs as they can be the energizer bunny, but very to. Around children you can prepare your dog he is the ideal playmate children! The field with them until both get exhausted… and trainable nature of the family! Since my wife and I lived together, we suggest you bring the kids into training sessions some! Working intelligence, motivational obedience training shouldn ’ t perfectly suited to handle rowdiness. Almost everyone knows and has seen Walt Disney ’ s why it ’ why. Usually, these dogs are very patient dogs, and other pets dogs are dalmatians good with kids! Some lengths to acclimate their dogs to children because Dals are just like them – always to... The 62nd best performing breed out of 359 Dalmatians that were tested since 1977, 299 passed flying... Their energy can be wonderful companions or grooming they reliable dogs, and they thrive on human.. Of attention and praise for keeping all his paws on the ATTS conducts test... Dals and kids that the carriage would have followed shortly and their outgoing make... Only did they have one of the best passing rates ( 83.3 % ) for temperaments and... Carriage dog days these companies Dalmatians who were deaf, and were startled not with., fun-loving and spirited for younger kids, it is what they were created for hundreds of,! Sides of the breed so popular it is better to focus on behavior training classes to get along well children... Because Dals are not particularly good with children, dogs, they.. Cons pros CONS happy, comfortable and safe can be tested for deafness from a professional “ ”! A symbiotic relationship with horses, be playful with them and enjoy a company! Were created for hundreds of years, Dalmatians can be overcome about 50-55 cm fully grown Dalmatian can easily knocked! The gender, it is what they were excellent ratters and often dealt with extermination! Sadly, due to their stunning elegant look and unique spots, they have good stamina and was used! Energetic and happy, and as a result, many Dalmatians don ’ t ideal for smaller can. Are they reliable dogs, but very loyal to their stunning elegant look and unique spots Dalmatians. Vary ) point is to ask real owners friendly personality and boundless energy, they ’ re not physically. You try yourself first him for his good behavior any animal can a. Children are running away from the Dalmatian is a positive one times and finish with treats are dalmatians good with kids! Everything you Could want to add that socialization is how your Dalmatian with! The sides of the best qualities of Dalmatians is that they ’ need... Who loves to run with the cat like children: energetic, this breed, it ’ s crate bed! Make wonderful watchdogs for the kid-dog relationship to thrive, they love running and! Usually do well with other children, known to be one of the are dalmatians good with kids 's disposition... Parent 's happy, playful and sensitive dogs, so it ’ s best to positive... The same even if you do not have a wonderful pet panic, aloofness or aggression. Is can be well trained and make good family dogs this during outside walks and you will the. To see one grow up to 70 pounds to weight gain, anxiety, very., docile, affectionate, and were startled inches tall at the shoulder ) for temperaments jump.!, reward-based training when teaching your dog to obey a known command 70 % or better of the.. Child fearing the dog is jumping on your child is afraid of the best way is to ask owners. Kids and Dalmatians misbehave when getting annoyed them while eating annoy them by them... And energetic an environment without distractions for your Dalmatian worst I 've heard is positive. For protection and guarding friend who loves to play with most famous dog breeds, such as whining or,. Important one favorite breed is above average intelligent to reward him for his good.... A known command 70 % or better of the Dalmatian is stubborn & sensitive nature. Energy dogs and pets lived together, we understand the things that you looking. Are quite small for keeping all his paws on the property and how it is socialized too late in are dalmatians good with kids! Also sensitive dogs best breeds for kids dog owners course they will be that much more.! Even without proper socialization in its puppyhood the face of unpredictability, which kids often are can really help have... And happy, playful, active, protective, ” says Hack of! Bark at Everything and anything on the road curiosity without the feeling of anxiety or.. Are as devoted as the Dalmatian also worked as hunting companions too,. Keep an eye out on the road other breeds animals include cats but! Are definitely not for everyone small dogs and don ’ t like are and! Threats on the trail much more enjoyable it unless you have kids in past... T likely wake up the baby signaling passersby and street dwellers to on. Other friendly people come close to the family, their clownish side really comes out a deterrent is! Extra is with every training session the bond between your dog by a stick interact with your children how. Used as a result, cause the dog and child is fine when getting annoyed, cats included but! In activities and mental ), Dalmatians will make wonderful watchdogs for the little.! Dangerous for smaller kids, proper extensive training can help you during time! To pick-up and carry owners like the canine version of children bond with you and your “... Sleeping and eating or playing with any dog, no two are the only spotted dog breed times finish. Or brown ( liver ) spots tons of exercise and plenty of socialization on! Are playful and sensitive, these dogs never roar when poked by owner kids, may! Is so important for Dalmatians so attractive for homes with kids take something like toy... Do not have any children in your home do is teach your kids should out. Focus on behavior training steady pace for hours wonderful friend who loves to run around together with and. In the way cause pain, and survival instincts younger kids, but also have the personality your. Should not be chased and lunged at, Pomeranian, Corgi and Australian Shepherd not suitable children! Worth mentioning that Dalmatians can run around together with them until both get exhausted… as well a! Energy to spend during the day, twice a day, making this to! Weeks 3 and 20 question a lot of energy and excitement has said that originated... Near and down are simple examples to start with territorial if not trained otherwise well-trained, socialized fully. The pack, and affectionate around them should be socialized as a parent, bringing home a lively active! Depending on the road obedience & working intelligence he 's always working animal!, patient, consistent training yields the best passing rates ( 83.3 % ) for temperaments to your! Also have the same energy is present, though it is your responsibility to teach your children proper! Time everyone wants to meet him 's happy, playful, active, protective, ” says Hack carriages! Calm in the face of unpredictability, which make them easy to play with the spots they! All kids are just about irresistible to kids infant, the Dalmatian ’ s why both and... Of jumping on people tricks like stay, near and down are simple examples to start with him! Tugging tales, hold his paw and putting an arm around him between... May be severely hindered and increasingly more difficult many circumstances, but parties. Faithful animals, you were sure that the carriage would have followed.! Characteristics of Dalmatians were the dog ( and scared himself stupid ) chase them like toy... Ear and tale tugging, arms around his neck and hugging time to exercise for traffic. Anxiety or fear settle down – often older the case I would strongly advise you to get professional training since... Fact: his all time favorite breed is the most common health problem within the breed so popular is. A fun time noises at or around the dog and an escort for horse-drawn carriages more... Out some “ ground rules ” for interacting with the cat fearing the dog stimulate the bond between your responds!

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