So cute! Reply. In a touching scene, a white wolf (that the sequels would suggest is Balto’s mother) appears and Balto decides to embrace his wolf side and howl with her. Love06644 Nov 11, 2013. Born: 1919 (exact date unknown. 59K Views. Togo just so happened to have saved a day-worth journey by crossing a frozen lake. He is a selfish and aggressive Alaskan Malamuteand the lead dog of the fastest dogsled team in Nome. He achieved fame when he led a team of sled dogs on the final leg of the 1925 serum run to Nome, in which diphtheria antitoxin was transported from Anchorage, Alaska, to Nenana, Alaska, by train and then to Nome by dog sled to combat an outbreak of the disease. Reply. Bad dog, very bad dog. By Oha Watch. Above: Balto just after the 1925 Nome Serum Run.. Named after Samuel Johannesen Balto, a famous Norwegian “Sami” (an Arctic herding people who live in northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia). Mother and son shared a few long moments of affection together, and a smile crept onto Balto's face. Some Balto fanart. The cast of Baltos demes melyname - 2004 includes: Vaidotas Martinaitis as Father Egle Mikulionyte as Mother "The gift you were going to give the wolves, the guide and leader that I couldn't be - It's Aleu," he said with sudden realization. Balto - A Capsule History. Balto II: Wolf Quest is a 2002 American direct - to - video sequel to Universal Pictures Amblin Entertainment s 1995 Northern animated film Balto Three years Ba 302 Comments. There are no historical records which conclusively prove this which are available to the public.) But still, Leonard demanded that Togo got some credit. Steele is the secondary antagonist of the Balto franchise and the main antagonist of Amblimation's3rd and final animated feature Balto. But, disregarding the lives of the sick children, Steele makes it so Balto looses his way and causes him and the medicine to slide off a cliff. Mother’s pack of wolves looked at each other in quiet gestures, not sure how to react. ... or what happened next pic right now! Reply. “Mother, I have to tell you something.” “Now is not the time Aniu.” “Now is the perfect time, mother, Nayak… ... Awww, this picture is so sweet; especially since you drew Balto with his mother. Cambion-Hunter Sep 29, 2016. Reply. The only way to get medicine is through a team of sled dogs. Now go grab wolfy and we can head on out! *Balto said to kodi who crinkled away to grab wolfy as Balto grabbed his bag and they both headed to the car. Balto (1919 – March 14, 1933) was a Siberian Husky and sled dog belonging to musher and breeder Leonhard Seppala. That would be cool to see. Balto is a 1995 animated movie produced by Steven Spielberg's animation studio, Amblimation, based loosely on a real sled run from 1925.. A bunch of kids are sick in Nome, Alaska. Trivia:-Balto is a Siberian husky Aniu’s ears folded back, and her face showed displeasure, but she had to tell them all now. Baltos Childhood. Steele often bulliesBalto over his wolf heritage. Balto died at the age of 14, he had blindness and hind leg disease. The doctors had no choice but to end him with one little "medicine" that ended his life immediately. Balto: Well like your sister, it would be easier for me and your mother to check you to see when you need a diaper change so you are better of without your pants. He is an egotistical Alaskan Malamute with an extremely mean streak, taking excessive pride in his popularity amongst both the village humans and the dogs and liking to bully Balto over his part-wolf heritage. 3K Favourites. Steele is the main antagonist of Balto, the first film of the trilogy.
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