No competition. Fun sound despite not being colored at all. Thanks . Proaudio, the seller and warranty support for Swan, said in their mail, "Please send the product back to us. Firmware . so basically they're useless. Audioengine has more powerful deeper yet natural and clean treble. been thinking of getting bose companion 3 or soundsticks. 2 … Swan Speakers M50W High End 2.1 Powered Living Room Speakers / Bookshelf Speakers with Deep Bass 2.1 music system is suitable for PC, XBOX360, PS3, iPod, DVD, CD, as well as high-fidelity music listening systems and gaming systems. Get details of Swans - M50W - Powered 2.1 Bookshelf Speakers - Wooden cabinet - Full range drivers - 6.5" Subwoofer including specifications, features and more on Swan Speakers - M300 - Powered Bookshelf Speakers - Living Room Speakers - 240W RMS ... M50W - - M80W - - Brand: Swans Speakers: Speaker Type: Subwoofer: Model Name: M80W: Speaker Size: 8 Inches: Item Weight: 0.03 Kilograms: About this item Classic cabinets - Upgraded from the renowned swans RM600 Series with high standard craftsmanship; frosted black Front And brown wood-grain … But honestly, nothing comes close to M10 in their price range, not Bose/JBL. So, since then they were just lying around the monitors, while I used … JavaScript is disabled. But it surely beats logitech and computer speaker subs I guess in quality and texture. Swan M50W. I was wrong, the improvement is massive. Also, the swan is not upgradable as it doesn't have an rca out whereas the AE have. While I've always been satisfied with what I had, eventually I would get the upgrade bug. In 2009, HiVi launched a 2.1-channel speaker system—M50W. OVERVIEW; STORY; SPECIFICATIONS $ 299.99. Also, they don't even come in the same price league nor do they target the same market. The positioning etc wasn't the same because I couldn't manage that. Home > Multimedia > M50W 2.1 Powered Bookshelf Speakers. (Have never heard them, going completely through online reviews.) Clear highs, very solid mid-range and incredible bass. AE are loud enough for a hall. Please be advised that the operator of this site accepts advertising compensation from certain companies that appear on the site, and such compensation impacts the location and order in which the companies (and/or their … The Edifiers were okay, but I was never pleased with the bass. I've had Altec Lansings, both 2.0 and 2.1, and most recently the Audioengine A2s. they rattle on most frequencies where bass registers. Aim to create high-quality audio terminal for desktop near-field use as well Once I set the Swans up, I could not believe how good they sounded. Review Component Retail: €1.990/pr: In audio, the Chinese invasion isn't restricted to affordable valve amps. then..saw cyberminds fb saying that they are carrying it i went there to see the real thing earlier. I recently acquired the Swan M50W 2.1 speaker system. movies great music was horrible. Computer Audio. However, the sound was relatively thin due to smaller drivers and also less fun sounding once you are used to natural and neutral music. Speakers. AE sounds clear. The M50W is a new generation of 2.1 high-fidelity multimedia system from HiVi. But, it is possible that due to the sub etc for movies/games swan might be better. If you don't have much rear space on your table, at least around 8-12in then it is better to get Swan if you have space for the sub as they are front ported. Enuf said! Any other suggestions?? RMC-1, RMC-1L, and XMC-2 Firmware. FlightTrack Media & Gaming 2,834 views. Audioengine A5 2.0 Powered Bookshelves on AE DS2 desktop recliners. 50Hz-180Hz ( … Anyway, I listened to one set at a time. IMO I find AE to have a wow factor which Swan and even Wharfedales lack. I asked for a warranty support through Amazon. Read more. For most newbies however swan might sound better. Search. X. So I really don't know if it can … Active Table Top Speakers. i listened to music on a day to day basis then lost interest through the 5.1 … anyone compared the awan to Earthquake iQuake-52  ? published 5 years ago. 42Hz-120Hz. Disciple. Deeper and more powerful authority sound. It was positively reviewed in the audio press. Deeper and more powerful authority sound. I would definitely vote … But AR is more fun sounding for some reason. UMC-200 Firmware (legacy product) UMC-1 … My thoughts are only consumer specific help you choose the product, to best answer the question, which speakers should I buy. I don't like this point about AE but the difference isn't huge, it is there but not huge. Not bookshelves. I have read reviews about this product and it's clear and accurate sound production. looks ok. maybe not as stylo as harman … S. siddjazz Member. Advertiser Disclosure. They are comfortable at 25-35%+ volume. About The Forum Updates. So again, both do well here. Thread Starter Post #1 of 15 cdubyee New Head-Fier. Swan M50W computer speakers??? Add to Wishlist. I won't really say which is better as it depends on your needs and preferences. Swan M50W 2.1 multimedia speakers on Auralex mopads The positioning etc wasn't the same because I couldn't manage that. Available: Out of stock $ 299.99. Setup: Asus STX sound card. Manuals. Honestly, if bass isn't a priority and nor is the volume, then I would take M10 over M50W any day as they are nearly equally good. Review of swans m50w, recorded playback with tracks played through fiio e10k olympus 2. Please do not suggest Passive speakers. Reviewed in India on 5 October 2018 Size name: M50W Verified Purchase A very good 2.1 speaker system for music, and for movies too. The grill of the M200A is pear shaped with a bespoke golden Swan at the bottom. M80W is designed both with wired and wireless interfaces to meet different needs. But I prefer audioengine however both are pretty good, especially at what they do. Swans M50W 2.1 Multimedia Speakers 4.2 out of 5 stars 351. Anyway, I listened to one set at a time. XMC-1 Firmware. According to Swans, the dimensional … Whereas the AE sounds powerful and natural. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from Swan D1010 Review - Duration: 6:48. However purely for music 2.0 bookshelves by AE will probably be better. M50W 2.1 Powered Bookshelf Speakers. Thanks for this review, it's definitely very helpful. I am reading your post from the beginning, it was so interesting to read & I feel thanks to you for posting such a good blog, keep updates regularly. Forum Regular … Swan M50W 2.1 multimedia speakers on Auralex mopads. Perhaps their sound is a bit brighter yet warm and colored at the same time. IMO the Swans are built better. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The subwoofer driver has a long-stroke design that … Even M10 has more forward and audible mids compared to AE5. They enlarged the woofer and added more interfaces in response to customer feedback. Archive View Return to standard view. Aside from Usher however—who operate out of Taiwan—no PRC firm has really entrenched itself solidly in the US or EU loudspeaker sectors. However, I am a bass addict and I don't want to sacrifice that much of bass power in exchange for sound accuracy. The 2.1 system uses 2-way front speakers and an independent subwoofer channel. Can someone guide me as to what a good set of monitors (or other speakers) would be? Sound Signature: … It really isn't that thumping though, more like punchy. Thread starter cdubyee; Start date Sep 10, 2011; post-7742368 . Add to bag. For movies and even bassy songs I like the swan sub. menu Whirlpool Go to navigation. And even otherwise, M50W do a nice job in their price range but nowhere close to the VFM of M10. For the price I say they are better than AE2 I guess which cost nearly twice as much. Errata and Requests. (NEW) Emotiva Forums - v.20. Jun 29, 2012 #2 I was sorta looking at a similar setup. Swan M50W 2.1 v/s Audioengine A5 2.0 Review, Sennheiser HD 598 v/s RS 180 v/s RS 170 Mini Review. But definitely not logitech crap although it doesn't go as loud as them either. M50W only has satellites. 6.0" 40 W RMS Sealed. ive had to swan m10's for about 3 years now and loved them for the first year and a half until i guess something blew out inside of the subwoofer, i guess maybe i pushed them too hard. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The speaker stands proudly on four round gold-finished legs. Buy Swans - M50W - Powered 2.1 Bookshelf Speakers - Wooden cabinet - Full range drivers - 6.5" Subwoofer online at best price in India. 2 people found this … Audioengine A5 2.0 Powered Bookshelves on AE DS2 desktop recliners, Swan M50W 2.1 multimedia speakers on Auralex mopads. Nearfield studio monitors don’t come by our test center very often, so when on those rare occasions they do, there is a fair bit of excitement in the air. I am not saying that is bad, but it is just the difference between neutral/pro vs hifi/regular speakers, assuming we aren't speaking of quality. but read some good reviews of the m50w....& realised that there are some POs going earlier in VRforum. Sep 10, 2011. Swan is better here. 21 473,00 ₹ Usually dispatched in 2 to 3 days. Archive View Return to standard view. 4 years ago i made a terrible mistake by selling my YAQIN mc10 valve amp with b&wdm220 speakers to buy a 5.1system . Anyway. FREE DELIVERY, EMI, COD possible on eligible purchases. The positioning etc wasn't the same because I couldn't manage that. Fun sound despite not being colored at all. So far have shortlisted Edifier 730 and Swan M50w. Any owner in TE of these?? I've checked, the m50w subwoofer is 6.5" only vs my z623 which is 7". Swan has more quantity and more thump and lfe because of the subwoofer. The aluminium hard-dome tweeter on the front speakers increase high-frequency resolution and overall clarity. Equipment Forums. Swan HiVi M100MKII detailed review . But only for a mid sized or med/large room. Not to mention, these speakers are gorgeous! The first and only place where I may just be able to truly & fully express myself and receive the oppurtunity for others to critique as far as as they wish. About The Forum Updates (COMMENTS) RESOURCES (Manuals, Firmware, Drivers, Codes, and Advice) Read This First. All rights reserved. The extended front baffle lends an artistic flair to this speaker as well as an acoustical solution to a … It is nearly the same as the M50W in terms of sound except with less quantity of bass and not as powerful bass but bass which is tighter. Just buy these. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Forums. Audioengine has less quality wise but slightly tighter but not as solid/punchy as Swan due to the sub woofer. I was expecting some improvement as the M50's have good reviews already. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Swan Speakers - M50W - Powered 2.1 Bookshelf Speakers - HiFi Music Listening System - Wooden cabinet - Full Range Drivers - 6.5" Subwoofer - Desktop Near-field Use - 100W RMS at The construction is not boxy, it almost feels as if the unit is reclining on a wooden throne. I listen to them at 10-15% volume. The top slopes forwards and the side panels are made up of real wood. Swan has brighter yet thinner/lighter and crisper treble. MC-700 Firmware. Music only Sound Signature: Audioengine: Natural, clear and neutral sound. Audioengine is way more natural though. 3 reviews; 3 likes; Swan M50W Powered 2.1 System . This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. The M-Audio BX5 and the Swan M50W (2.1 system) both run about $300. But then I listen to both sets together usually. I replaced Edifier M3200 with the Swan M50W speakers. Swan M50W or Edifier S530D? The M80W is the next generation of that speaker. The swan sub woofer is better than the polk psw110 I used to have and which costs almost as much as the swan speaker set. AE is more powerful and deeper vocals with Swan being better to decipher since they are slightly mid forward. For the DAC I don't know where to look, but about $50 is what I would feel comfortable spending. The sounds are relatively sharper and cleaner and better to decipher. I am sure that Swan bookshelves in a comparable range could perhaps easily outdo the AE overall.

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